Team with risk specialists to maintain customer trust.

Create an effective governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) approach that can help you better comply with security requirements, control risk, and build customer loyalty. And assess, establish, and—most importantly—maintain compliance across your organization, despite complications such as changing and overlapping security regulations and standards, differing interpretations, and a lack of uniformity in compliance efforts.

Our governance, risk, and compliance experts can work with you to establish critical baselines, evaluate security controls, identify regulatory holes, uncover process weaknesses, and develop comprehensive strategies tailored to your specific needs. We share your goals—keeping your business running smoothly, building customer confidence, and improving your overall security posture, while maintaining governance, risk, and compliance processes.


Safeguard cardholder data to better protect your business.

Avoid needless risk and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), whether you’re a small retail shop or a seasoned international merchant. Protect your business, your customers’ data, and your reputation with a consistent, stringent approach to securing payment card data with PCI Compliance Professional Services.

Our comprehensive suite of PCI-related solutions lets you assess the security of your cardholder-data management systems, helping you meet industry standards, achieve compliance, and continue to accept major credit cards without a hitch. We have one of the largest groups of PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) in the world, providing a holistic approach to security, risk, and compliance as it relates to cardholder data.

Our PCI Compliance Professional Services include:

  • PCI Compliance Business Assessments
  • Enabling organizations to achieve predictable and sustainable compliance results.
  • PCI Compliance Program Management
  • Guided initiation and management of PCI Security compliance programs.
  • PCI DSS Compliance Validation Assessment and Support
  • Compliance validation and support across the global - conducted locally in over 30 countries.
  • PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)
  • Review and PA-DSS validation of payment applications.
  • PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • Qualified evaluation of P2PE Solutions and P2PE Applications.

Validate key controls, and consolidate your security efforts.

Keep your assets safe and address security regulations and industry standards more easily—despite challenges such as complex regulatory requirements, constant exposure to threats, and the rising cost of security management. Our Security Management Program helps you identify gaps, prioritize risks, and establish safeguards.

Our experts monitor, report, and decipher risks, keeping you up to date with alerts and reports that detail your vulnerabilities and explain recommendations. We can also check and validate your key security controls and map the results to various regulatory requirements, all through one simple interface.

Our Security Management Program can help:

  • Align your organization’s business, security, and compliance needs.
  • Reduce risk by reviewing your existing security measures on an ongoing basis.
  • Validate key security controls and improve your important safeguards.
  • Complement and bundle your compliance efforts.
  • Document your increasing commitment to security for use as a business differentiator.

Spot the signs of a security breach.

Protect your organization from cyber attacks by better understanding the signs of a breach to your systems and data. Using both cognitive and automated security monitoring and analysis methods, our managed services uncover indicators of compromise in network traffic and security logs that can help keep your organization ahead of would-be attackers—identifying gaps, weaknesses, and areas of vulnerability across your infrastructure.

Our experience monitoring traffic on our global IP backbone network enables us to spot attacks and attack patterns as they begin to take shape. This heightened intelligence allows us to offer valuable insights into evolving risks and attack patterns affecting enterprises today. Once the security monitoring and analysis has been properly performed, we can help strengthen your defenses with threat intelligence and expert suggestions for mitigating risk in your network.

We bring together dedicated security experts, state-of-the-art technology and analytics tools, and fast, efficient attack-detection processes. And we gather and apply threat intelligence on an ongoing basis, to power and improve our security services, helping us fight potential attacks by identifying, understanding, and responding to threats as early as possible.

Our Managed Security Services—Monitoring and Analytics solutions include:

  • Premium Management / Monitoring
  • Monitor and manage the security devices that control your network traffic with log monitoring and analysis, incident investigation, and handling by the SOC.
  • Analytics
  • Provide customers with comprehensive or detailed threat intelligence and analysis capabilities to help them to quickly identify threats to their networks.
  • Network Threat Monitoring
  • Automated collection and analysis of your netflow data from our IP backbone network, to discover early indicators of compromise and suspicious communications.

Take a managed approach to monitor and analyze threats.

Counter threats with advanced security monitoring and analytics expertise. Because vulnerabilities, threats, and attack tactics continue to increase and frequently change, comprehensive security monitoring and analytics can be complex and time-consuming. Our managed approach helps offset the time and control the cost you could spend performing these functions with experts who monitor countless threats across many systems using the latest technology.

Our Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Services experts remotely operate and monitor your on-premises Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Analytics platforms. We can customize a dedicated platform to help you better utilize your current monitoring and analytics technology and provide on-site data control. With 18 years of security monitoring experience and security intelligence gathered from a wide range of sources, we can deliver tailored services to better monitor, analyze, and protect your assets.

Our SOC Services include:

  • Managed SIEM 
  • Help with managing and monitoring the Logger infrastructure, maintaining the Enterprise Security Manager correlation rule-set, periodically reviewing potential incidents, and providing 24x7 escalation of high-risk incidents.
  • Managed RSA Security Analytics
  • Support for premises-based management and monitoring of the RSA SA Decoders and Concentrators, Broker, and RSA SA Warehouse and Archiving storage; maintaining the RSA SA rule-base, completing periodic review of potential incidents, and providing 24x7 escalation of high-risk incidents.

Test devices, applications, and networks to spot security holes.

Find your vulnerabilities before someone else does by identifying and classifying security liabilities across your network infrastructure, hosts, applications, and endpoints. Generate and analyze scans, penetration tests, and security policy compliance assessments to lessen the likelihood of data breaches. By determining your most critical gaps, you can then develop and deploy the right strategies to protect your critical data and networks.

Our Vulnerability Management Services can help you define policies and implement best practices across your IT infrastructure. With automated baseline scanning tools, we help uncover problems before they become serious, allowing your IT team to focus on pressing risks. We then apply our pen testing, secure application development services, and holistic application security services to help detect and address vulnerabilities that scanning tools alone cannot discover.

We customize and distribute security and policy compliance reports according to the needs of your corporate decision makers, auditors, and security management. Plus, we help you automate discovery, testing, remediation management, and reporting.

Cyber Leaps Global Vulnerability Management Services include:

  • WhiteHat Sentinel Services
  • Gain visibility, flexibility, and control to manage your website security. With careful analysis of vulnerabilities, we can help prevent web attacks.
  • QualysGuard Scanning Services
  • Automate network discovery, mapping and IT asset prioritization; network and web application vulnerability testing; security policy compliance assessment; remediation task management; and reporting.

Strengthen digital assets and applications to help prevent cybercrime.

Protect your organization from data breaches by finding and fixing weaknesses in key applications—or by designing secure ones from scratch. While web apps can boost efficiency, they’re also a key pathway for hackers to access important systems and data. In fact, web attacks were the single most critical attack pattern in 2016.

We can monitor, manage, and collect data related to the security of your applications, and help you create strong strategies to protect your infrastructure. Our professional services experts can help you mitigate application vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive review of data management and storage policies; system load balancing, backup, and restore practices; single points of failure and data bottlenecks; and network and host access controls and authentication requirements.

Our Application Security and Vulnerability Management Professional Services include:

  • Discovery Consulting
  • Obtain expert advice on security assessments and development life cycles—we can also perform testing and analyze results to hone your approach.
  • Network Security Implementation and Integration
  • Get help with complex services such as architecture assessment, design, and review—throughout your organization.
  • Vulnerability Programs
  • Implement operations and lifecycle support services, such as enterprise vulnerability management and our application security program.

Fine tune and prioritize data protection to guard against data loss.

Focus your security effort where it matters most—on your data. As the locations and diversity of your data repositories grow, so can the opportunity for attackers to find potential vulnerabilities in your apps, devices, storage, and network--and so does the likelihood of inadvertent disclosure of valuable information by trusted or disgruntled insiders. Yet not all data is created equal. Evaluate your organization’s data, classify it according to importance, and put rules in place to closely guard your most critical resources and information. And then implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategies.

Our Data Security Professional Services experts can help you quantify risk and provide justification for improving security practices based on the value of your data and resources. In addition, we can help:

  • Develop customized data protection strategies.
  • Validate appropriate approaches and technologies.
  • Determine and recommend data usage policies and permissions.
  • Build and swiftly implement a DLP program that helps stop potential data loss.

 Information and Cyber Risk management